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Top 10 Yearbook-2018

Wider accessibility of internet literature indeed reduce the hassles of collecting information for knowledge seekers but it makes the niche selection more difficult among the abundance of content which popped up through some key words searching on a subject without taking into account the true sense of requirement. Problem of study has switched in contemporary era from collection of literature to its selection i.e. what need to be read and what to be ignore. Further, increasing trend of social media and networking eaten up most of the users time and left only the minutes to study a topic rather than hours and days as were available in earlier period. It is also undeniable fact that open access policy and releasing of ample data information by government provides the better overview of socio-economic progress of country but the problem remains same here also that is devoid of time to study the whole scenario from the plenty of information.
Keeping all these development into the consideration, we initiated a series of yearbook in the year 2006 which has sorted out and arranged the wider information in the descending or ascending order for the ranking of top ten. In this manner, large information has been provided precisely in a ready format to have a glimpse of relevant data in short time. A wide range of fascinating facts and figures about India and the world have been compiled in a unique fashion to answer the many questions nowhere answered before. In countries comparison, India’s position has been pointed out by its global ranking. We are well aware that in spite of importance, reading of data is not a enjoyable stuff, therefore we emphasis on its visual effects.
Coverage of all major socio-economic and political aspects with the latest available data information is another unique feature of this book which enhances its relevancy among the knowledge seekers. Book consists of twelve chapters viz; demographics, agriculture, economy, industry, infrastructure, travel & tourism, health, education, market size, polity, sports, crime & law and media & lifestyle.
With its ninth edition, we always have been tried to improve the overall presentation of the each edition in terms of content enrichment as well as graphic and pictorial visualization. This kind of publication would be useful for students, academicians, researchers, marketers, travelers and everyone with an appetite for information and knowledge. It is strongly recommended for the universities, colleges, institutions, NGOs, corporate that doesn’t like to miss the addition of such valuable and informative collection in the shelves of their precious libraries.
Hope you would enjoy this yearbook and would communicate us your valuable feedback and suggestion for its improvement in next edition.

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